彡★ oi, i'm izzy! welcome to... 彡★

a marvelous machine of wire and magic! ★ the future of computing! ★ just, like, my personal website yknow!

oi there! 彡★

this site is currently under construction – feel free to look around and explore a little!

i'm implementing new stuff and re-making old stuff on a rather er... inconsistent basis... so maybe check up once or twice a month to see new things? ^ш^

thank you!

(if some images aren't loading, just refresh the page!)

— izzy 彡★

06/12/2023 - it's my birthday!!! again!!!

oi oi oi im making years once more! omg! :D

OKAY i know know. i haven't updated in uhhhhhhhhhhh. long time. i've not been very dope to the dopestar i reckon... ૮ ◞ ﻌ ◟ ა

but! it's moi bee day and i can'ttt pass up posting here. this is my web home! my web web heart heart. and to you reader, i bid you my sincerest sorrays for not being around more. but maybe this year upcoming... perhaps!


these last five months ago, i started HRT! and it's been going great!!! i've putting on some weight which i've been really excited about, and i'm also tits monstered now, and i cry a lot but that was already true. you can have me talk more about it over at the genderfolio... which is also a new tab on the site. i'm documenting transition stuff over there :3

further more... oi its me birthday. im happy abt it. it's crazy to imagine that, the dopestar's been a thing for more than a year now... (NEXT YEAR I'LL BE HERE FOR SITEVERSARY. PROMISE); and it's. it's crazy stuff man! life's crazy.

but it's a good kind of crazy these days. 彡★

04/04/2023 - I'M NOT DEAD!!!!



hi OMG it's been a long time. i haven't touched the site ever since last year... a lot of stuff happened since then and i just stopped updating and wahhhhh i wanna cry (P´Д`q°。)·。'

but!! i wanna get back on my feet with this :] and now i have some ideas in some other creative projects* of mine and i'm hoping i can host some of it on the dopestar which would be mega supah top DA BOMB!!!

AND i want to start yknow. making things here again! i should probably devise some sort of plan though... hmm. maybe i'll just rehaul the about page, and start from there.

well then! see you guys around, and hopefully soon! feels good 2 be back!!! 彡★

* in fact... i'm posting this on 04/04 exactly because... 404! which is a little cool thing hehe. and 04/04 is one of my oc's birthday for exactly that reason! so, happy birthday Danny! (and someday i'll talk about them here... ;) ;)

12/12/2022 - update

finished the about page today! it took a lot of work to write (and even more so to pick the right stamps and blinkies)... but its here babey!

you should totally check it out, i wrote a bunch of fun text there ^-^

some other stuff i worked on was some details for the site, like the scrollbar, nav icons, that kind of thing.

well, i guess that's it! see you round on the next update!

06/12/2022 - it's my birthday!!!

AAAAAA IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! happy years to me! woohoo!

i decided to share this site with my friends today because of the occasion, so if you're reading this... hi :) you're very cool 彡♡

my day has actually been... something... i spent the last three days sick and had to go to the hospital last night x﹏x – thankfully i got up better today, but i didn't go to class and spent the whole day working at the site! something good out of it at least.

so that's the changelog for today then! a sick izzy and a dopestar, with some candles in the middle. 彡★

OH MY GOD i totally forgot to document, like, the actual changes. i remade the site theme and added an about page. birthday slow lmao

04/12/2022 - im alive ^-^;

woah hoah okay!! its been a little while since ive added a changelog on here. and theres been a lot of changed stuff!

i've tweaked some stuff on the homepage and made a site button (i think its so cute)... but most importantly, the 404 page is up! so you'll know when you're somewhere ur not really supposed to be haha

what i'm working on right now is the about page!! im a bit intimidated because i intend to write a lot but at the same time im very excited ^ш^; lots & lots of ideas for it!

27/11/2022 - updates

did some small changes to the home page – the sidebars finished now! i'm not sure if i like how the buttons look though, so i'll probably change it sometime soon. i also did some small edits to *this* box! so it looks a bit cuter ^ш^

i think i'll move to the 404 page now. no idea how it's gonna look yet, but hopefully it'll be cool...! :^D

22/11/2022 - first log!

okay this is my first time logging things! i actually started working on this site like three weeks ago, but there's a lot i changed around since then. and i'm also going to change a lot in the future! for now though, here's a quick list of the stuff i wanna do:

that's all for now i think. thanks for reading! 彡★

to-do ⤵